Panoguide -View Panoramas and Learn How to Create Them

I’ve previously written about some good sites for viewing panoramic images here, here, and here. I like panoramic images that can be zoomed and scrolled through because compared to standard images they provide students with a better sense of what a place really looks like.

Panoguide is another site on which users can browse through galleries geolocated on a Google Map. For students and teachers who would like to contribute panoramic images of their own to the gallery, Panoguide provides detailed directions on how to get started. Panoguide also provides user discussion forums through which you can learn even more about creating good panoramic images.

Applications for Education
Creating panoramic images of sites in their communities could be a good activity for both photography students and geography students. Specifically, I’m thinking that students at my school could create panoramic images of some of the lakes and mountain tops in our community. Panoguide could provide the direction needed to get some students and teachers on their way to doing just that.


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