The Thing About Twitter Is…

…you can discover a lot of good stuff on Twitter, if you know who to follow. Your definition of “good stuff” might be different from mine, but the point is the same no matter how you define “good stuff.” You could be interested in learning about methods and resources for teaching mathematics or you could be interested in learning about the latest celebrity gossip, but if you don’t follow the right people you won’t find that good stuff. So how do you find those “right people” to follow to help you learn more about the things you have an interest in? I have some advice here and here and Scott Akerson wrote a good post about Twitter for educators here.

How much good stuff can you find? It’s hard to quantify that, but I can say that a quick search of my blog’s archives indicate that I’ve mentioned Twitter in nearly 10% of my posts since 2007. This post was inspired by one of Scott McLeod’s recent posts which includes twenty good things he found on Twitter in one day.


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