Weekend Assignment – Back-up Your Blog and Other Files

Image Credit: Jim Linwood

From time to time events occur that remind just how important it is to regularly create back-ups of important files. This week’s problems with Blogger reminded me that we should all be in the habit of regularly creating offline copies of our blog posts. This is especially true if your blog has become your professional portfolio, your students are blogging for a grade, or you just can’t face the thought of losing everything you’ve written on your blog. If you use Blogger or Edublogs, I have directions for creating offline back-ups of your blogs here.

While you’re backing-up your blog’s content, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure you have back-up copies of some of your other important files. If you have things saved in Google Docs, select “download” from the “file” menu when you have a file open. If you’re interested in creating back-up copies of files that you only have offline, try using Drop Box or Sugar Sync to save copies online. You can read about Drop Box here and Sugar Sync here.


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