Discover Yale Digital Commons

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Yale University has made more than 250,000 digital images available online. Discover Yale Digital Commons is the search engine for the Yale Digital Commons. Through Discover Yale Digital Commons you can search through the archives of five museums, libraries, and galleries administered by Yale.

The images in the Yale Digital Commons have been labeled Public Domain. Jock Reynolds, the Henry Heinz II director of the Yale University Art Gallery, in the announcement from Yale regarding the new Discover Yale Digital Commons, explains why Yale is doing this:
“Through this new university policy, scholars, artists, teachers, and students worldwide will now be able to more fully engage our collections for active learning and use in publications, classrooms, and creative projects without incurring any fees whatsoever, eliminating what has previously been for many a daunting financial hurdle.”

Watch a slideshow sampling of the images available through Discover Yale Digital Commons. 


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