Sophia – Social Teaching and Learning

There are a lot of places on the web where students can find free homework help. Some of those places are better than others, Sophia is one that falls into the “better” category. Sophia is a free platform on which teachers can publish packets of information about any academic topic they choose. Packets can include text, images, and videos to explain and illustrate information. Published packets are reviewed and rated by the Sophia community. A green check mark emblem on a packet signifies that the Sophia community has rated that packet as “academically sound.”

Students can access Sophia information packets without signing up for an account, but signing up for an account is free and provides access to some extra benefits. Students who register for a Sophia account can “follow” packets of information to be informed of updates. Registered students can also create private study groups where they can share information and ask questions of those in their groups. 

Applications for Education
Sophia could be a good platform for providing students with online materials to supplement your classroom instruction. The option to create private groups provides students with a place to ask clarifying questions of you and their classmates. 

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