Google Body Browser = Google Earth for Anatomy

I saw Google’s Body Browser earlier this week, but because I didn’t have the time to test drive it until this morning. After installing the latest version of Google Chrome (Body Browser won’t work without it) I was able to see what all the talk was about. Body Browser gives you a 360 degree view of the human body. You can turn on layers to see bones, muscles, organs, and the nervous system. You can turn on all the layers at the same time and alter the transparency of each layer. Turn on labels to have labels appear each time you click on a part of the body. For example, if I have the bones layer turned on along with the labels, when I click on a bone a label will appear. Watch the video below to see Google Body Browser in use.

Body Browser is a Google Labs product which means it’s still in the experimental stage. You should expect to find some quirks occasionally. You will also need to have the latest version of Google Chrome installed.

Applications for Education
Body Browser could be a fantastic resource for teachers and students of anatomy. By spinning the body 360 degrees students can learn to recognize parts of the anatomy from many views instead of just 2D photographic views.


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