Drop.io Acquired by Facebook – Get Your Data

I’ve been a huge fan and advocate for Drop.io since the first month of their launch (this blog and Drop.io started about the same time). This evening Jerry Swiatek directed my attention to a TechCrunch post reporting that Drop.io is shutting down. Drop.io confirms it on their blog, they’ve been bought out by Facebook and will be shutting down on December 15. As of today Drop.io is no longer allowing the creation of new drops. Existing Drop.io users need to download all of their files before December 15 or lose them.

Over the last few months Drop.io had stopped supporting a couple of the features, upload widgets and MP3 recording, that I really liked. That had me wondering what was going on. I guess I know now.

Applications for Education
Like a lot of other educators, I use Drop.io to have students upload assignments rather than emailing attachments. This will send us on a search for other services that allow the upload of varied file types to one place. I plan to spend some time exploring alternatives this weekend and I’ll be sure to post them.

And don’t worry, Free Technology for Teachers isn’t getting bought out by Facebook anytime soon.


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