World Mapper – Mapped Displays of World Data

World Mapper hosts nearly 700 informative maps and posters. The maps are based on economic, scientific, and demographic data sets. The maps are drawn according to the data so the countries appearing on the map don’t always match the geographic size of a country. For example, the World Youth Literacy map depicts each country’s size based on the rate of youth literacy rather than just the population of a country. All of the maps created by World Mapper can be downloaded as a PDF. The PDFs include a brief description of the data and its meaning as displayed in the map.

In addition to PDF maps, World Mapper has a selection of animated maps that compares two maps. Click here to see an animated map that transitions from a standard land area display to a map drawn based on the population of each country.

Applications for Education

Looking at data on its own often doesn’t mean much to students. World Mapper’s maps should help students interpret data sets and make comparisons between data sets.


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