3 Common Craft Videos That Should Be In Your Training Library

I’ve spent the last couple of days with Alice Barr, Sarah Sutter, and Thomas Cooper at MLTI’s summer conference working with teachers interested in learning about Google tools in their classrooms. The bulk of my responsibility was to help people create blogs. At the beginning of both of my sessions today I asked if anyone had heard of Common Craft. Surprisingly to me, only a couple of hands went up. I then showed Blogs in Plain English. My experience today reminded me that somethings that I take for granted and think everyone knows about, are often still new materials to many people.

I like Common Craft videos for the clear simplicity of their presentations. For that reason I actually purchase copies of the videos to save on my hard drive. I encourage you to do the same if you use their videos for trainings. (No, I do not have any financial affiliation with Common Craft). Here are three Common Craft videos that everyone responsible for teaching technology to school faculty should have in their libraries.

Blogs in Plain English.

Wikis in Plain English.

RSS in Plain English.

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