LangMedia – Resources for World Languages

LangMedia, produced by Five Colleges Incorporated, provides resources for learning languages less-commonly offered by high schools and colleges in the US. Some of the languages for which LangMedia offers educational resources are Arabic, Bulgarian, Persian, Thai, and Urdu. For these languages LangMedia provides course outlines, practice dialogues, and lists of resources necessary for completing the requirements of each course.

In addition to resources for learning languages, LangMedia offers a section called Culture Talk. LangMedia Culture Talk is a collection of video clips of interviews and discussions with people from many different countries, of different ages and from different walks of life. The videos are intended to give viewers insight into the cultures of peoples around the globe. Some of the videos feature English speakers while other videos do not. Those videos that are not in English are accompanied by a written English transcript.

Applications for Education
LangMedia’s resources for learning a language could be helpful for students attempting to learn a new language on their own. LangMedia’s course outlines could also be good references for teachers trying to develop a new course of their own.

LangMedia’s Culture Talk videos could be useful in global studies course. You could use the videos as conversation starters about the cultural differences between groups of people.

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