Flixtime Adds Voiceover Capabilities

FlixTime, a competitor to Animoto, recently released some enhancements to their video creation services. Probably the most significant of these enhancements is a new option for adding a voiceover to your videos. To add a voiceover all you have to do is select the “add voice” option after uploading and arranging the images in your video. FlixTime will then ask for permission to access your computer’s microphone. Once you’ve granted FlixTime permission to access your microphone you can begin recording.

The other new options in FlixTime are new sound controls, image highlighting, image captioning, and speed controls. The new sound controls allow you to strip the sound from videos you upload to the FlixTime editor. Image highlighting allows you to place a “spotlight” on images in your videos. Image captioning has changed give you the option to place captions on an image or on separate slides. The new speed control option allows you to control the speed of transitions between images.

FlixTime still gives you access to a huge collection of royalty-free images from Fotolia. FlixTime videos can be uploaded to YouTube, embedded on your blog, or downloaded to your computer.

Applications for Education
FlixTime’s new voiceover option could be great option for creating short documentary videos with students. One of my few complaints about Animoto has always been that if you wanted students to have their voices on their videos they had to record a separate audio track then upload it. FlixTime’s voiceover option simplifies that process.

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