FedFlix – Movies from the US Government Archives

FedFlix, hosted by the Internet Archive, is a collection of nearly 2000 films produced by the US government during the 20th Century. The topics of these films range from presidential speeches to agricultural practices to public health and safety. Some films are instructional in nature, for example there is a film for police officers on how to arrest someone. Other films are more informative in nature and some films are flat-out propaganda films.

All of the FedFlix films are in the public domain so feel free to reuse and remix them as you and your students desire. The films can be downloaded or viewed online. Films can also be embedded into your blog or website. Below I’ve embedded a 1970 film on etiquette and grooming for women in the military.

Thanks to Instructify for the info about FedFlix.

Applications for Education
FedFlix could be a good resource for anyone teaching lessons on the
20th Century political, military, or cultural history of the United States. It might be interesting to show some of these videos to students and have them compare social norms now to those of the past. These videos are in the public domain so you could have students download a series of them and remix portions of the videos to create their own documentaries of topics in 20th Century US History.


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