Search 137 Years of Popular Science

Popular Science has recently made available online every issue of its 137 year history. The archived issues are hosted by Google Books. Use the search function to find issues related to your search topic. Each issue can be read on the Popular Science website. Because the issues are hosted by Google Books you can also click on the “more about this magazine” link to view the full size magazine. From the Google Books site you can also grab the embed code to put an issue in your blog or website. Embedded below you will find the November 1963 issue of Popular Science. You might need to click the link to open the magazine.

Applications for Education
Viewing and reading the archived issues of Popular Science could be a good way for students to look back at trends in science and technology. Students could pick a topic like rockets or telephones and trace the changes in those technologies over time.


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!