Learning Media – Online Math and Science Games

Learning Media is a New Zealand based company that produces curriculum materials for schools. A lot of their products are only available by purchase, but they do offer some good free resources. Some of the free resources include a collection of seven math, science, and writing games for elementary school and middle school students. In addition to online play, the games can be downloaded as a zip file for use on your PC. As James Hollis noted, these games work well on interactive whiteboards.

Applications for Education
Learning Media’s collection of interactive activities include three math games, two science games, a mind mapping activity, and a cartoon activity. The cartoon activity walks students through creating a six frame storyline. In the mind mapping activity, Home Sweet Home, students create mind maps for stories and similes. The math activities are designed for students to practice their addition skills and knowledge of fractions. The science activities teach students about the rotation of the Earth and changes in daylight. The science activities are designed with a southern hemisphere perspective.

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