Docs Pal – Quick and Free File Conversion

Receiving an email attachment in a file format that is not supported on your operating system can be a frustrating experience for you and the sender. Fortunately, there are free tools like Docs Pal that will convert files into other formats for you. Docs Pal can perform the conversion of twenty-four different document and image file types.

Applications for Education
If your students aren’t using Google Docs and your school isn’t a 1:1 environment, you might have students creating documents in multiple formats. In that case, chances are good that you will occasionally receive a document attachment in a format that you can’t view. Now you could email the students back and ask them to use a different format, but that can be inconvenient for both parties.
Docs Pal provides you with a way to convert the files and get on with your editing and grading of your students’ work.


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