Interactive Bills and the History of the US Mint

The US Mint has some good online games and activities for young students (elementary grades). Two of the resources that stand out are an interactive look at the security features of US currency and an interactive timeline of the history of the US Mint. The interactive bills allow students to explore the counterfeiting-prevention elements installed in five, ten, twenty, and fifty dollar bills.

The interactive timeline of the US Mint is one of five activities hosted on US Mint Kids. The timeline traces the history of the US Mint from the creation of the US Mint through today. On the timeline students can explore both the political developments at the mint and the technological developments at the US Mint.

Applications for Education
One of the great things about money is that most students are attracted to it. In turn that makes teaching economics lessons a little more fun for teachers and students. The interactive activities for kids from the US Mint are appropriate for introductory lessons about money as they focus on physical currency rather than economic theory.

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