Wikipedia in the Classroom, David Warlick’s Comments

Yesterday, I published a post titled Textbooks, Wikipedia, and Primary Source Research. That post generated some responses that somewhat surprised me. A few readers told me that their schools either block Wikipedia or have policies that don’t allow students to use Wikipedia. These comments and emails reminded me of a video of a David Warlick presentation from late 2008. In the video (embedded below) around the 45 minute mark, David was taking questions from the audience and one of the audience members asked about Wikipedia. The audience member brought up all of the common complaints about Wikipedia being unreliable and a bad resource for students. David convincingly responded to all of her questions. You can advance to the 45 minute mark to see the Wikipedia comments, but I encourage you to watch the whole presentation. If you’ve never seen David Warlick speak, this video is well worth the time it takes to watch it all.


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