Physics 4 Kids

Rader has been producing useful self-study lessons and quizzes for kids for quite a while. Many readers have probably seen this Rader before, but it’s worthwhile to post for the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with Rader’s offerings. Physics 4 Kids is one five collections of science resources for kids produced by Rader.

Rader’s Physics 4 Kids is part of a series of Rader’s 4 Kids lessons about science. Physics 4 Kids takes students on tours of different sub-topics of physics. After each stop on the tour there is a quiz that students can take to test their understanding of each topic. Along with text and image information there are some short videos about different physics concepts along the tour.

Applications for Education
Student directed tours like the ones offered on Physics 4 Kids are great tools for differentiating activities within the classroom. Physics 4 Kids is a good resource for science teachers to link to a class web page or blog so that students and parents can study and test themselves outside of the classroom.


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