Using Maps in an Elementary School Math Lesson

When it comes to creative uses of Google tools, Tom Barrett is certainly a leader that we can all learn from. A great example of this can be found in Tom’s Math Maps. Math Maps are Google Maps on which Tom and others have created placemarks which when clicked reveal mathematics questions for students to answer based on the maps. There are questions available for every elementary school grade level. The placemarks are color-coded to indicate the level of the questions. Blue = Kindergarten, Red = 1st grade, Green = 2nd grade, Light Blue = 3rd grade, Yellow = 4th grade, Purple = 5th grade. Visit Tom Barrett’s Math Maps page to view the existing Math Maps and read about how to contribute to the existing Math Maps.

Embedded below is 55 Shape Activities in Paris.

View 55 Shape Activities in Paris in a larger map

Applications for Education
Math Maps could be a great way for students to see examples of mathematics in the real world. Math Maps are also have a fun scavenger hunt feel. If you work with students slightly older than elementary school, you might want to consider having them create their own Math Maps as a way to demonstrate their knowledge of mathematics in the real world.

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