TypePad Micro Offers an Easy Way to Start Blogging

TypePad has launched a new free blogging service. The name TypePad Micro implies that the service is designed for short messages, but you can do quite a bit more than post short updates. TypePad Micro allows you to embed videos, post pictures, write long-form posts, and generally do all of the things that you would want student bloggers to do. To make posting fast and easy, TypePad Micro allows users to post via email (much like Posterous) or to post using the TypePad Micro bookmarklet (also much like Posterous).

TypePad Micro offers some theme customization options including color choice and background images. You can see the theme I selected for my TypePad Micro blog here.

TechVi provides a nice little overview of TypePad Micro and some other microblogging options in the video below.

Applications for Education
If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get students started on their blogging journies, TypePad Micro might be a good option to explore.


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