Egiate – College Search Aided By Google Earth

Egiate is a website designed to help students locate a college or graduate school that is right for them. Egiate provides a great set of search filters for helping students narrow their list of choices. Students can filter their searches by degree type, major field of study, location, campus setting, athletics, and special program offerings. On their own, the extensive list of search filters would make Egiate a good college search service, but Egiate takes it a step farther by incorporating Google Earth.

Egiate uses the Google Earth browser plug-in to show students the location of the colleges in which they’re interested. For some colleges, Egiate offers the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the campus within the Google Earth browser plug-in. Students can also use the Yelp search box located at the bottom of the map to search for restaurants, businesses, and wireless hotspots around campus.

Thanks to the Google Earth Blog for the link to Egiate.

Applications for Education
I’ve explored nearly two dozen college search websites in the two years and Egiate is one of the best. If your high school’s guidance department has a website, Egiate should be one of the links on it.

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