The Museum of Humor Offers Fun Lesson Plans

The Museum of Humor appeared today the Delicious “most popular” RSS feed. I had never heard of the Museum of Humor prior to today, so I had to check it out. One aspect of the Museum of Humor is a large collection of lesson plans for teaching with humor. In this collection there are links to fun and humorous lesson plans for every content area and grade level. In addition to the lesson plans you will find links to printable fun activities. If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce a new topic or review before an assessment, check out the Museum of Humor’s lesson plan database.

A quick note about the Delicious “most popular” feed; it’s a good place to find new resources, but it does populate quickly and is most commonly populated with links not related to education. That said, if you’re willing to sort through the list, you can find some real gems.

Applications for Education
By my nature, I use a lot of humor (okay, cheesy jokes) in my instruction. For some people though, making lessons fun and humorous is not always easy. For those people, the Museum of Humor’s lesson plan database could be a valuable resource.

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