Tech Tech Boom Gets Kids Talking About School

Tech Tech Boom is truly one of my favorite discoveries here at NECC 09. Tech Tech Boom can best be described as a social network for high school students interested in science and math. The unique thing about Tech Tech Boom is that its user interface was designed by kids. Too often websites are designed by adults and the forced upon kids for learning. Tech Tech Boom has created a their site from the students’ perspective by enlisting the help of students. The purpose of Tech Tech Boom is to help students get interested in math and science and connect them with other students interested in math and science. The site is still in its beta phase, but it has great potential. When I talked with creators of Tech Tech Boom, Mario Armstrong and Nicole Hunter, today they explained to me that the future of Tech Tech Boom includes plans for live video conferences that can be used the classroom. In essence, they plan for Tech Tech Boom to be a resource that students can use and will want to use at home and in their classrooms.

Applications for Education
Tech Tech Boom has the potential to be an excellent site for students to connect with other students that are interested in math and science. In Maine we have an annual conference where middle school students interested in technology can connect, Tech Tech Boom makes it possible for that same type of connection to take place globally.


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