Week in Review – Most Popular Items

I hope this week-in-review post finds you while you’re having a relaxing weekend. For me it was another busy week of learning and sharing. Free Technology for Teachers continued to reach more people this week. There are now nearly 7,000 subscribers through email and RSS. Welcome to all of the new subscribers, I hope you continue to find this blog useful. Thank you to everyone that continues to support Free Technology for Teachers by sharing links and telling your colleagues about the blog.

On a personal note, I was asked to give a presentation to my district’s school board about the use of Web 2.0 in the classroom. I’m very excited about the opportunity because I feel like I’m finally breaking through and making progress after two years of pushing. I have to thank every one of you because the recognition that you have created for this blog is what got the attention of my district’s administration.

Here are the most popular items (based on clicks) of the last week:
1. Blogs for Art Teachers
2. Mathmaticious – Fun Math Video
3. Three Good Resources for ESL/ELL Teachers
4. Teachers Connecting – Find a Project Partner
5. Fibonacci Sequence Illustrated by Nature
6. Spezify – Visual Search Engine
7. Fresh Brain – Fresh Ideas for Student Projects

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