StatPlot – Graphs for Sports

I have to thank the awesome people in my Twitter network for help with this blog post, all of those who offered suggestions are listed at the end of this post. If you’re looking for smart people to add to your Twitter network, check the list at the end of this post.

StatPlot is a new service that allows users to create charts and graphs of statistics from the NBA, NCAA Basketball, the NFL, NCAA Football, and NASCAR. Users select the data sets that they would like to compare and StatPlot creates a chart of that data. In the screenshot below you will see a chart I made comparing the Boston Celtics’ 3 point attempts to 3 point shots made.

Applications for Education
This is the part where I had to get suggestions from the people in my Twitter network that have better math minds than mine. Here are the suggestions.
Carol @cllecr suggested this use of StatPlot, “stat plot looks like a nice INQUIRY tool.. Answer their own question… Ie is there a home court advantage? Homerun/alt relationship?”
John @johnfaig offered this suggestion, “use as an intro the graph; kids create accurate graph and a misleading version; other kids try and figure which is which.”
Cassie @cbanka shared this idea with me, “Stat Plot may work with this lesson plan I found a couple weeks back.”


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