MapTrot – Easily Create and Share Maps

MapTrot is one of the most easy-to-use map creation tools that I’ve come across in a while. To use MapTrot simply click “create a map” to get started. There are three methods for creating placemarks on your map. You can add placemarks by entering an address, by specifying latitude and longitude coordinates, or by simply zooming in and clicking on a location. I found zooming in and clicking on a location to be the easiest of the three methods for adding placemarks. After specifying the location of a placemark you can add information about your chosen location.

The map below is one that I created in about five minutes using MapTrot. RSS readers may need to click through to see the map.

Here’s a great example of what can be done with MapTrot.

Applications for Education
MapTrot is a great tool for introducing students to making maps online. Map making isn’t limited to just the social studies classroom. MapTrot could be used by students to map out the locations in a story they’ve read. MapTrot could also be used by students in a science classroom to map the locations of volcanoes or the site of an earthquake. Art students could use MapTrot to create a map of the birthplaces of artists or to map the location of significant works of architecture.

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