A Great Glogster Tutorial

Glogster is a powerful tool for students to use to create online collages that they can share with their friends and classmates. If you’re not familiar with Glogster, it can best be described, as Amy Mayer did here, as an online poster creation tool with music. Glogster for Education gives teachers the ability to create accounts for their classrooms. Using their Glogster for Education accounts, teachers can assign to and manage individual accounts for their students.

I could walk you through all of the things you can do with Glogster and the steps you need to take to get your students using Glogster, but Traci Blazosky has already put together an excellent Glogster tutorial. In Traci’s Glogster tutorial you will find directions on everything from registering with Glogster through embedding finished Glogsters into a wiki or blog.

Applications for Education
Glogster can be used in any number of content areas. I’ve had students use Glogster to create collages about famous figures from the 1920’s. Literature teachers may want to use Glogster to create book reports and or character portrayals. Creating Glogster collages could be an assignment in and of itself or the collages your students create could be part of larger collaborative project like creating a wiki on a particular unit of study.

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