Google Maps for More than Social Studies

I’ve mentioned Google Earth and Google Maps in more than 100 of the 1700+ posts published on this blog. Many of those posts highlight uses of Google Maps and Google Earth in the social studies classroom. The uses of Google Earth and Google Maps doesn’t stop at the social studies classroom door, there are uses for these tools in math, science, and literature. Google for Educators highlights a dozen ways to use Google Maps and Google Earth across the curriculum.

Here are some other ideas and methods I’ve suggested for using Google Maps and Google Earth outside of the social studies classroom.
Google Lit Trips – The Greatest Road Trip Stories
The Travels of Odysseus in Google Earth
Monitoring and Mapping CO2 Emissions
More Real World Math
World Sunlight Map
Oral History of Route 66
Search Paintings Around the World
Stimulate Imagination With a Books and Google Maps Combo


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