World Food Programme – Lesson Plans and Games

The United Nations’ World Food Programme’s website has excellent resources for learning about world hunger and fighting world hunger. On the website teachers can download lesson plans for use in grades four through nine. These lesson plans call for a mix of online and offline activity. The lesson plan that teaches students what it’s like to live on less than two dollars per day struck me as being a potentially powerful lesson for some students. Before using the lesson plans, you may want to have students review Hunger 101 on the WFP’s website. In Hunger 101 students will learn basic world hunger statistics and vocabulary.

In addition to lesson plans, the World Food Programme’s website offers students a large selection of educational online games and activities. The games are categorized by age group. Some of the games, like Food Force, are about world hunger while other games are more general in nature.

Applications for Education
The WFP’s website looks like a great place to find resources for elementary and middle school classrooms.

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