Five Notable Commencement Addresses

My youngest brother is graduating from the University of Connecticut this weekend. I’m not sure who will be delivering the commencement keynote. Thinking about graduation ceremonies gave me the idea for creating this list of five notable commencement addresses.

Steve Jobs gave the commencement keynote at Stanford in 2005. I’ve watched this video a few times in the last couple of years. Each time I watch it I pick up on something new and gain more appreciation for his message. The video is embedded below.

Bill Cosby gave the commencement keynote at Carnegie Mellon University in 2007. I watched the video for the first time today. In typical Bill Cosby fashion he entertains while congratulating the graduates for “being nerds” and offering advice from his experiences.

Google co-founder Larry Page delivered the commencement keynote at the University of Michigan last weekend. Mr. Page is not quite as dynamic in his delivery as Cosby and Jobs, but his message is a timely one for students graduating into a tough economic climate.

In 2006 Tom Brokaw delivered the commencement keynote at Stanford. What I really appreciated about Brokaw’s speech is that he reminds the audience that as impressive as 21st century technology is, “it will do us little good if we wire the world, but short circuit our souls.”

Not your typical commencement speaker, but an entertaining one none-the-less, Adam Sandler “crashed” a high school graduation in New Hampshire.


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