Fibonacci Sequence Illustrated by Nature

I wrote about Environmental Graffiti a couple of months ago. In that post I mentioned that it could be a good resource for environmental science teachers because it features great collections of images from nature. Now I’ve found a use for mathematics teachers for Environmental Graffiti. Today, on Environmental Graffiti I found a collection of images in which each image demonstrates the Fibonacci Sequence.

Applications for Education
At first I thought this was a cool collection of images in that way that geeks find coolness in these sorts of things. Then I thought about how the idea could be adapted for classroom use. After viewing the collection from Environmental Graffiti you could have students search for other pictures that demonstrate the Fibonacci Sequence. With younger students you could have them search for images of numbers in nature. You may also have them search for images containing numbers. Once they’ve found a series of images the students could then construct short equations with the images.


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