Fact Monster – A Great Reference for Kids

Fact Monster from Information Please is a great reference website for elementary school and middle school age students. Fact Monster has reference materials and learning activities, including quizzes and games, for all of the subjects typically taught in an elementary school classroom.

I can’t possibly do Fact Monster justice in a short blog post so I’ll just highlight some of the features that jumped out at me. The Geography teacher in me really likes the Fact Monster atlas. This atlas starts as a world map from where students can zoom in on regions and countries. As they click on each region or country, information and links to more information appear below the map. I am a bring proponent of flashcards as a studying tool and the Fact Monster homework center provides students with flashcards for studying. To provide a break from “serious studying” Fact Monster has fun, educational trivia like the history of April Fools Day and the History of Baseball.

Applications for Education
Fact Monster is a great site for students to explore independently, with classmates, or with a parent. Fact Monster provides a nice blend of “serious” academic material and “fun” academic material that it will keep students on the site for a long time.

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