Physics Games for Your Blog or Website

Physics is, as the name implies, a website of games based on simple physics concepts. Physic Games offers 54 different games, each one can be played directly on the Physics Games website or embedded into your blog or website. The one downfall of the site is that before each game starts there is a short commercial. I checked out a few different games and I did not see any advertising that would be unacceptable in a public school classroom.

Applications for Education
The games on Physics are based on simple physics concepts and are best suited for elementary or middle school use. Being able to embed a game into your class blog is a good way to make sure that students are on task and is also a good way to keep students interested in the classroom blog.

Here are five other educational game websites you might be interested in:
Who Wants to Be a Science Millionaire?
Eats, Shoots, and Leaves Punctuation Game
Free Rice and Free Poverty
Find Country
Ghost Blasters, Math Blasters


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