Viewing Earthquakes in Google Earth

Today, through a tip on the Google Earth Blog I learned that the USGS produces Google Earth files for viewing earthquakes. One set of Google Earth files that the USGS produces allows you to view seismic activity in near-real time (the file refreshes every five minutes). The USGS also produces files that allow you to view historical earthquake data. Of interest to US History teachers is a Google Earth virtual tour of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

In addition to the Google Earth files, the USGS produces a good assortment of resources for teaching and learning about earthquakes. The USGS has resources for teachers and for students on every grade level from elementary school through college. Not included in the teachers resource section, but including in the general education page, are these flash animations of earthquakes and seismic activities.

Applications for Education
These Google Earth files from the USGS are great resources for Earth Science, Geology, History, and Geography teachers. The Google Earth files and flash animations provide students with visual depiction of the concepts that they are studying.

A related resource that may be of interest to you is the National Geographic film Violent Earth which you can watch for free through Snag Films.


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