The Farm Letters – Stories of Great Depression Life

The Farm Letters is a project that is putting online a complete collection of letters and diaries from a Minnesota family living through the Great Depression. The family lives in an uninsulated house that also lacks running water and electricity. The letters and diaries portray the day to day life of the Linsey family as they try to survive during the Great Depression. In The Farm Letters students can read first-hand accounts of the sacrifices and improvisations families made during the Great Depression. When completed, the collection of letters will span almost three years. Currently there is only one year’s worth of letters online.

Applications for Education
The Farm Letters could be a good resource for almost any US History class although the vocabulary combined with the stories themselves probably make The Farm Letters best suited to middle school classrooms.

As a side note, the url for The Farm Letters is which triggered our web filter the first time I tried to access it on a school computer.


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