Mrs. Critchell’s Kindergarten – 36 Years of Ideas

Mrs. Critchell’s Kindergarten is a website filled with great ideas for Kindergarten teachers and parents of Kindergarten students. According to the homepage, Mrs. Linda Cricthell was a teacher for 36 years with ten of those years spent in Kindergarten classrooms. Mrs. Critchell’s Kindgarten is very well organized with activities and lesson ideas categorized by months and by major holidays.

In addition to resources for teachers, Mrs. Critchell’s Kindergarten has great resources for parents of Kindergarten students. On the parent page are activities that students can do at home to develop fine motor skills as well as educational craft activities. The parent site also has a list of educational websites that Kindergarten students can use at home.

If I was a Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Critchell’s Kindergarten would be a must read website for me.


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