Remix America – Make Your Own US History Documentaries

Remix America is a new website that allows you to create your own documentary US History videos. Using the video editing technology developed by Kaltura, users can grab video clips, add images, add soundtracks, and mix them together. The editing process is made easy by the drag and drop interface. Drag and drop the elements you want included in your video, arrange the sequence and Remix America does the rest. You can use the media hosted on Remix America to create your video or use media that you already have saved on your computer to create your video.

Watch the demonstration video below. (If you’re reading this in RSS you may need to visit the blog directly to see the video).
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Applications for Education
Remix America is a great way for students to create digital presentations about topics in US History. If your students found enough video clips and images, they could produce a video history of the United States from 1776 through today.


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