500,000 Free E-Texts

The Internet Archive is home to more than one million digital resources. More than half of the digital resources on the Internet Archive are e-texts. There are seven sub-categories of e-texts. I spent some time exploring the “American Libraries” sub-category and found quite a few texts that I can use with my United States History students. I also found a number of resources that would be appropriate for use in an American Literature course.

Applications for Education
The Internet Archive is a great place for students and teachers to find digital resources that can be used under a Creative Commons license. The e-texts are especially valuable as supplementary materials for a variety of courses. The e-texts are available as PDF files to save and use on your local computer. I was able to find some good primary source materials that my students will read and discuss in class. In the more than 500,000 e-texts in the Internet Archive there is bound to be something for almost everyone.


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