Glotter – Building and Sharing Google Maps

Glotter is a free service for finding and sharing maps representing all types of information. In other words, Glotter is a free library of user-created Google Maps. Glotter maps are organized into five categories; travel & places, knowledge, leisure & sports, entertainment & fun, and services.

Many of the Glotter maps take advantage of the multi-media options provided by Google Maps. Most of the Glotter maps I’ve looked at over the last couple of days (at least 25, I love maps) include at least one multi-media option like video, image, street view, or 3D view. The incorporation of multi-media options is important because videos, images, 3D views can increase student interest and engagement.

Here is a sample of a map found in Glotter’s “knowledge” section. The map illustrates the San Andreas Fault through California.

This is the video that accompanies the map provided above.

Applications for Education
Glotter is a nice resource that students can use to find maps representing a variety of information. On the whole, Glotter demonstrates the many possible uses of Google Maps. The inclusion of videos, images, and street views can increase student engagement with the maps they find on Glotter.


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