Podcasts For The Road – Old and New

I’m headed out on a road trip to Ohio this week. My brother-in-law is taking a new position teaching organic chemistry at Cedarville University. Since it’s summer and I love road trips, I volunteered to help with the move. Before I go I’m loading up my iPod with new podcasts and albums for the road. Here are some of the podcasts I plan to listen to while on the road.

The first podcasts I’m loading up are two stand-bys for me, Wicked Decent Learning and TechTalk4Teachers. In the current episode of Wicked Decent Learning Jeff and Dan discuss “best practices” and educational uses for webcams. Tom Grissom, producer of TechTalk4Teachers, has a great topic in his current episode. Tom talks about the placement of advertising in some of the web 2.0 tools that teachers are using in the classroom. Tom asks a great question, “should there be a standard for the amount or limit for advertising in schools?” I’ve written about this topic in the past and my general feeling is that if advertising is intrusive and distracting to students then I will not use that particular web 2.0 service in the classroom.

I’m also listening to a new-to-me podcasts. I listened to one episode of the Ed Tech Musician podcast this morning and I’m hooked. I’m not a music teacher (although I was a band geek in high school), but I really enjoyed the podcast and I’m sure that music teachers will appreciate this series of podcasts too. In the episode I listened to this morning there was a great lecture about the history of Brass Bands in the United States.

Finally, I’m loading up my podcast with a couple of episodes of Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty writing tips. This podcasts contain short, easy-to-understand, tips for writing. I find this podcasts useful for my personal learning which in turns helps me when I’m editing my students’ papers during the school year.


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