Be Funky- Create Comic Strips From Photographs

Be Funky is a simple tool for turning digital photographs into digital comics. The image you see to the left is a cartoonized image of me based on a photograph I took with my webcam. Be Funky can be used for simple one frame images or be used to create an entire strip of cartoonized images with inserted text. Be Funky calls their comic strip program the Sunday Funnies. Embedded below is a short video demonstrating the Sunday Funnies program.

Sunday Funnies by BeFunky Cartoonizer from BeFunky on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Be Funky is a simple and fun way to create comic strips to tell a story. Political satire and political comics are a part of almost every current events curriculum. With Be Funky students could use real images to create their own political cartoons. Be Funky is also advertising a service, to be available this summer, that will allow users to convert videos into cartoon videos.


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