Endangered Places Multimedia Map

US News and World Report has a feature this week on global warming. On their website visitors can find all of the content from the magazine as well as additional features on the topic of climate change. One of the really neat features that I couldn’t resist exploring is a multimedia map of places endangered by climate change. The Endangered Places map features text, images, and videos about twelve places, around the world, threatened by climate change.

Applications for Education
The Endangered Places map is a simple, yet useful resource for students to explore information about climate change. The text, audio, and video will engage a variety of learning styles and is presented in a manner that students in grades 5 through 12 could benefit from the map. An extension activity for students after exploring the Endangered Places map is to have students evaluate their local environment for signs or climate change or impacts of climate change. Students could use Google Earth or Free Earth to share their findings.

Click the image below to visit the Endangered Places map.


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