Yahoo Search Gets a Little Bit Safer

Search results on Yahoo just got a little bit safer. According to Tech Crunch and other sources, Yahoo has partnered with McAfee to create malware warnings for sites returned on Yahoo searches. Websites that contain malware or are suspected of containing malware are now accompanied by a warning when they appear in search results.

Below is an image of what the warning looks like.

The top of that search results page looks like this.

Applications for Education
This free service from Yahoo and McAfee makes it a little bit easier to protect school computers and school networks from malicious viruses. Many schools have a firm “no download” policies to protect their networks, but malware and spyware can be picked up without downloading software. This service is just one more way to prevent acquiring malware and spyware. The only problem I see to this is that you have to use the Yahoo search engine to take advantage of the warnings.


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