This is Phun – Physics Simulator

Phun is a project of a graduate student at Umea University in Sweden. The idea behind Phun is to create software that can used to create 2-D animations of physics concepts. The software allows users to create simple animations to demonstrate physics concepts. In some short testing of the software, I found it fairly easy to use although not the most intuitive I’ve seen. The Phun tutorial page does outline the functions of the program’s tools. Once I read the tutorial page, Phun became much easier to use. Phun is available to download for PC and Mac operating systems.

Here is the video introduction to Phun.

Applications for Eduation
Phun is suited best for use in high school physics courses. The software is free and with a little bit of instruction high school students could use Phun to demonstrate their understanding of some physics ideas. A teacher of lower grades could also use Phun to demonstrate some concepts, but the software might be a little too complicated or frustrating for younger students to use.


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