Yahoo Plans to Join Educator 2.0 Community

Yahoo is launching a network for teachers called, fittingly although not creatively, Yahoo Teachers. Like other professional networking websites, Yahoo Teachers aims to connect teachers around the world. The hope and idea is basically a teachers helping teachers concept. When fully launched Yahoo Teachers will allow teachers to find, build, and share lesson plans. The feature that will be particularly appealing to a lot of teachers, is the ease with which one can include state standards into a lesson plan. It appears from Yahoo’s video that Yahoo Teachers will adjust to include the state standards for each state based on a user’s profile. Overall, the Yahoo Teachers network appears to be well thought out. Whether or not Yahoo is coming to the Education 2.0 community too late remains to be seen. For teachers interested in other professional development networks, Classroom 2.0 and Apple’s Learning Interchange among many others are established communities worth visiting.

Here is Yahoo’s introduction to Yahoo Teachers.


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