CircaVie – Photographic Timelines

CircavVie is a neat timeline creation service from AOL. If you already have an AOL screen name you can use it to login and create timelines with CircaVie. CircaVie, like a lot of other timeline builders, allows users to upload images to correspond with the events on your timeline. The images users upload to their timelines can be linked to websites as a means of providing additional information for each event. Timelines created with CircaVie can be set for public or private view. Each timeline can be shared via email or embedding. One of the sharing features that is fairly unique for a timeline creator is the option of burning an RSS feed for updates to a timeline.

Applications for Education
CircaVie is intended for use as personal story telling vehicle. There are certainly educational uses for students building personal timelines. For instance, building a timeline could be a good way for students to organize an autobiography. CircaVie can also be used for building timelines of historical events or current events. The timeline embedded below is a timeline about pop-culture in the 1980’s.

The fact that CircaVie is an AOL service shouldn’t be overlooked in selecting a timeline creation tool for your class.Many students, particularly at the high school level, already have AOL screen names that they can use on CircaVie. Using their existing screen names will save you and your students valuable class time when starting a new activity.


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