Turn and Face the Strange Changes

If you’re a regular reader or subscriber to this blog you probably noticed a change this weekend. Thanks to some help from Amanda at Blogger Buster and Harold Shaw I altered the layout to accommodate three columns.

Having three columns makes the main text column a little smaller, but it does allow for more overall content to be “above the fold.” I was beginning to feel like there was a lot of good information and resources being buried below the fold because the list of free resources had grown so long. Some people have asked why I don’t use edu blogs or word press. The answer is simple, there are 400+ blog posts and 150+ resource links that I was afraid of losing or having to move manually. I am a practicing educator so blogging is a hobby, not a full time job. Moving 550+ items manually would be an multi day affair that I was not ready to undertake.

I am looking for feedback and comment on the new look. Do you like it? Do you hate it? What could I do to make this blog a better resource for teachers? Finally, thank you to everyone that has subscribed to the blog, reads the blog, and makes this blog fun for me to write. I genuinely appreciate every comment, email, link, track-back, and bookmark .


Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!