An American Teacher in China – Olympic Thoughts

The 2008 Olympics is sparking controversy around the world. As a Contemporary World Studies teacher, I always try to expose my students to multiple perspectives. Fortunately for me and my students, my friend and colleague, Jason Long is teaching in China this spring and sharing his observations and experiences via a blog titled Viking in China. In his most recent blog entries Jason shares his observations and experiences regarding the Olympics. One of the more interesting pieces of news from Jason is that some Chinese are boycotting American and European goods in response to the protests in the United States and Europe.

Jason also reports on less serious topics. In his latest writing he reports about his experience playing baseball with his Chinese students. And in earlier blog entries Jason talks about his difficulties overcoming the language barrier and the challenges of sticking out like a sore thumb amongst a sea of people.

Applications for Education
Blogs like Jason’s are fantastic resources for exposing students to multiple perspectives on global issues. Jason’s blog also has nice stories that can be used as conversation starters about culture and international travel.


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