Travel Blog – Show Your Students the World

Travel Blog is a website that some of my Contemporary World Studies students are enjoying right now as we study life in Asia. Travel Blog hosts a large collection of blogs written by people traveling around the world. The blogs are written by average people telling first-hand accounts of their journeys and experiences in foreign countries. Travel Blog organizes blogs by continent and country making it very easy for visitors to find a blog they’re interested in. In addition to the blogs, Travel Blog hosts some basic background information about each country and provides links to further investigate the history and other relevant facts about each country.

Applications for Education
Travel Blog provides students with alternative viewpoints compared to those found in traditional textbooks or travel guide books. Students can find travel blogs that illustrate what it is really like for an American or European to travel in a foreign country. Here is a simple activity that
teachers can do to incorporate Travel Blogs into the classroom. Have students read a section of textbook or travel guide book about a particular country then have them compare and contrast that information with what they find in the first-hand accounts written on Travel Blog.


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