Math Dictionary For Kids – Visual Dictionary

Jenny Eather has put together a great dictionary of math terms that students in elementary school and middle school will find useful. A Maths Dictionary for Kids provides simple and clear definitions of math terms. Each definition includes a small diagram or simple activity to illustrate the term’s definition. A Maths Dictionary for Kids does not have a search option, but it doesn’t need one as all definitions appear alphabetically just like in a physical dictionary.

Applications for Education
A Maths Dictionary for Kids is a great resource for students when they are working on homework assignments or individual in-class assignments. The visual clues provided by in the dictionary are useful for students who struggle to visualize the meaning of a math term.
An activity that math teachers could do with student related to A Maths Dictionary for Kids would be to have students review a few selected terms then create their own visual depiction of math terms to display in the classroom or online.

Below is a sample of what the definitions and diagrams look like on A Maths Dictionary for Kids.


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